print to fabric, print to warm fleece, print to many different materials other than canvas and they look amazing and cost considerably less.


dye-sublimation printing can be defined in one sentence – solid dye/ink particles turned into a gas using heat & pressure that bond with polymers present in the fabric, cooled & turned back into a solid. this makes them highly resistant to fading.


this process is a truly environment friendly solution, the inks are water-based and the paper used to transfer ink to fabric is recyclable.


dye-sublimation fabric prints are a machine washable and uv stable sub-surface print technology so there is no chance of damaging the printed surface unlike most traditional printing methods, which require extra protection such as laminates.


no size constraints.. printing this method allows for almost any dimension combination. you are not limited to standard canvas sizes.. I will upload an image of a 3meter wide print with amazing detail soon!






significantly cheaper and more resilient than canvas and

absolutely as good


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